Monday, April 18, 2011

God provided....1st Homestudy - Done! :-)

I have to admit...I was a little nervous about the homestudy today. Been cleaning the house since I woke up and rechecking all of the paperwork to make sure everything was all good.  :-)  For some goofy reason....I had the "Leave it to Beaver" family in my head.  LOL!

Feel so relieved to finally have the 1st step out of the way.... I've been told that there's soooooooo much more to do....but definitely worth every bit of it in the end when you bring home your new child!

We've just started this whole process and I've been so overwhelmed with God's goodness and the way he touches people's hearts to give. We received a few donations towards our adoption yesterday and today that completely surprised us and broke me out in tears! There was a certain amount we needed for the homestudy tonight and God provided every bit of it and more!!
HE's been trying to tell just go for not worry about where the money will come trust in HIM....but I kept putting it off due to fear! The Lord is definitely teaching our family so much right now....and we see the fruit of this lesson everytime someone gives!

Our hearts are full of joy!

A BIG THANK YOU to those that have given so have touched our family tremendously and we pray the Lord will bless you above and beyond what you could ever imagine! 

Every donation gets us closer to Ethiopia and will help change the life of a precious orphan child!!!

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