Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Video that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Dear Friends & Family!

First, before you read any further....PLEASE watch this heart-wrenching video and you will see why we made the decision to step out on Faith and why we can't rest until we get our son home! I pray this video will open your eyes and speak to your heart....  
(make sure to pause the music at the bottom of this blog first)

We want to give a Big Heartfelt THANK YOU to the many who have generously donated towards our Adoption! You should of seen our kids when we were picking out some gifts and pictures of our family to send to our son in Ethiopia. They were so happy to be shopping for their brother that they haven't even met yet but have in their hearts.
My friend Kelly Putty, who is the founder of Ordinary Hero is taking a team of people on a mission trip July 7th and they will be visiting our son's orphanage and will be able to give him the gift from us. We don't even know if he knows yet that he has a family. And what's so special is that my friend Kelly who opened our eyes to Adoption and took the picture of this precious boy that we couldn't get out of our heads or hearts....will most likely be the one to tell him that he now has a family that can't wait to bring him home!

 I had a feeling that when we decided to take this step of faith that everything would move fast..... and it is!! Praise God! We're praying, believing and expecting a phone call soon that we have a court date, but friends...I come before you humbly stating that we still NEED HELP with our costs.

Please prayerfully consider and choose one of the many different ways below that you can help us raise this money and change the life of an orphan who deserves and is waiting for a family of his own:

1. Make a Donation through our DONATE link at the top of this blog. ($10, $20 really adds up and makes a difference if everyone gives)

2. Get the BEST skin of your life by becoming my Preferred Customer! Your support of my business truly means alot! I give fabulous Free gifts for Referrals too!  :-) 

3. Purchase a cool t-shirt, bag or accessories through Ordinary Hero and Click on the Affiliate Drop down menu when checking out. Click on MY name and 40% of the sale total goes towards our Adoption.

4. Spread the word and Forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

5. Last but not least....PRAYER!!

We can't THANK YOU enough!!!
Your support, love and prayers mean the world to us! 

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