Monday, July 11, 2011

Overwhelmed with Tears of Joy!! Our son knows he has a family!!

Oh my!!! God is so Good!!! Overwhelmed with tears of joy right now!!! Just got done chatting on Facebook with my precious friend Kelly Putty, (Founder of Ordinary Hero) who is in Ethiopia right now. She told our son Today that he has a family...he now knows that he's no longer an orphan!!! We sent pictures of us and some gifts with Kelly to give to him and she said when the translator told him....."he lit up and was soooo excited and soooo sweet!!"  Kelly said they took pictures and got it all on video and that everybody was crying!!! She'll be sending it to us soon so we can see the whole special moment!!!! My oh my....Can't tell you all how much this child is changing our lives already and we haven't even met him yet! Our hearts are filled with so much love and joy and we just can't wait to get him home!!!  :)

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