Friday, July 15, 2011

Most SPECIAL Day....a Smile We Will Never Forget!

My amazing friend Kelly Putty (founder of Ordinary Hero) posted this on her recent Blog.  (Read below the pic)
She's in Ethiopia now and tells the story of the day she told our Son that he has a Forever Family!!!! My heart is so full of joy...I can't begin to explain how blessed our family feels!

Praying you will find it in your heart to make a Donation to help us bring home our son! Look at that Smile on his face as he sees for the first time... pictures of us...HIS FAMILY...that's he's been hoping, praying and waiting for!!

Will you Donate $20 Today? Please help us bring our son home. 
Thank You So Much!

"The most amazing thing for me in ALL that I do for OH is to advocate for the waiting children. I had the privilege on this trip to tell one of my little buddies that has been waiting for years to be adopted, THAT HE HAS A NEW FAMILY!! This little guy is 10 or 11 and has been on our wait list for the longest time, simply because he is older. We have continued to advocate for him and one of the sweetest families ever has fallen in love with him. He will join their family soon. This little guy has the sweetest spirit and my heart has always broken for him and another boy that are left in this orphanage because I watched them wait. With each visit I had here there they sat and waited. Now this little guy is going to go home to his forever family.....and the best part is that we will be neighbors! He is coming to TN. He was really nervous when we asked him to sit next to us off by himself. He didn't know what was going on. I brought the translator over and began to talk to him. I said "You know how you have been wanting a family, and you have been wanting to be adopted?" He said, "Yes". I then pulled out the photo album of his new family and flipped open to the picture of all of them with his new Mother, Father, two sisters, and two brothers and they were holding a picture of him, and I couldn't even get the words out as tears were filling my eyes. I sat there and gathered myself and then finally the words came. "You now have a family." I introduced him to all his family members and then at the end I pointed to him and said his name. He had the biggest smile ever and it was the most precious thing. All those on our team standing around and watching were crying. I can't even tell you what joy this brings me as I see this little boy out in the middle of no where, thinking that everyone has forgotten him, feel God's love and favor as he now knows he will not live there the rest of his life. There is one more older boy like this one that we are still advocating for. He is simply precious!"  - Kelly Putty (Ordinary Hero)

You can follow all the wonderful things that Kelly is doing through Ordinary Hero by reading her Blog here:

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