Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pictures worth a thousand words....

When the awesome Ordinary Hero teams got back from Ethiopia and visiting my son's orphanage....we received some more wonderful pictures of him and a short video clip of our sweet son saying " I Love You Momma and my dear brothers and sisters....I can't wait to see you!" Of course I was bawling as the translator was relaying what he said.

My friend Kelly told me that when they went back to his orphanage the 2nd time to give him and the other children clothes...that he was carrying around our photo album with him....the one pictured here..  :)  Do you have any idea how much that made my day?

Between us there are many miles
But, separately, we can share our smiles
Although not physically there, it’s true
My heart has traveled to be with you!

Look at that smile as he sees the gifts that we sent to him.   :)

And I absolutely LOVE this picture!!
Nothing makes me happier than to see him Praying!

An Orphan's Prayer

(Poem from the adoptive magazine "All God's Children")

I am waiting...somewhere far...far...away on the other side of the world. I may not know who you are or what you look like, but some how deep in my heart I know you are out there. That one day you will come and find me. It's a long journey,and it takes a lot of time... I wish it could be easier. But I know that the ones who come for me will not count the cost. They will only see the joy of finding me. For now I abide in the fields of the fatherless. Day by day wondering why I was born here and not somewhere else? Asking....why my life couldn't have been different.

It is so lonely...Even though I am surrounded by hundreds of other children, I know something is missing... I know in my heart I need a place to call home. My arms long to be wrapped in a father's embrace..I long to be saved by a mother's love...

Gazing out the orphanage window I offer a prayer of hope,"Oh, God, please help them come quickly." Even as I lay there in the darkness each night somehow I feel assured, that no matter how lost I appear I am not alone,

Holy hands guard my steps, sacred fingers wipe my tears, touching my lonely heart. The one who made me, the God that knew me before I was born, hears me every time I call. He whispers his promises in my ear. I listen with hope to His voice.

But what I worry about most is that no one wants to look for me. The fields are vast and there are so many scattered all over the earth. I wonder how one little child, so lost can be found?

Yet he calms my heart and assures me,that He will find you. That he will make sure that you hear His voice clearly. He has promised me that He will make a way through the fields. That he will personally cut a path,and lead you right to my orphanage door.

My prayer is... When he speaks... Please don't forget to listen... When he calls don't be too afraid to go. For I am waiting somewhere, far,...far...away, on the other side of the world... TO COME HOME.

  Our other 4 wonderful children have completely opened their hearts and have been absolutely amazing about the adoption and can't wait to have their brother home!! 
Below is the most special picture that we put in the photo album that was given to him!

Please keep our family in your prayers and that our case will go smoothly. Also, please help us get the word out about raising funds to cover the costs. We need to raise $10,000 asap for the Ethiopia in- country fee. We are so thankful and truly touched by the donations given so far. God is sooooo good!

Praying for peace and patience as we wait to get a court date as some days are hard for me (the Mommy). What gets me through is knowing that he's in the Lord's hands and that God's timing is perfect!!  Amen to that!

THANK YOU all for your love, support and prayers!!!  ~ The Archie Family

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